Manuka honey is renowned for its exceptional properties and has proven its effectiveness in skincare.

That’s why this powerful ingredient is
at the heart of our cosmetic formulas.

Antibacterial activity:

Antibacterial activity: Manuka honey provides reparative effects due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Cell repair stimulation: Manuka honey promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts, support cells that contribute to collagen renewal and skin suppleness.

… and repairing

Thanks to its various effects on the skin, Manuka honey is an ideal ingredient for caring for dry and damaged skin*, promoting tissue repair and hydration. It’s an excellent daily ally and a powerful antioxidant. In short, Manuka honey is a rare and unique ingredient with scientifically measured and recognized effectiveness, boasting numerous properties.

Cica Manuka offers high-performance, 100% natural repairing skin care protocol with a unique Manuka Honey IAA® content: up to 40% in our formulas.

* do not apply on broken skin *

Discover our reparative skin care protocol with Manuka Honey IAA®

Explore what makes Cica Manuka special.



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